Knife sharpening machine AM-BM

The AM and BM model grinding machines, in their standard versions, are ideal for sharpening planer knives as they are supplied with a mechanical clamping kit for grinding 4 planer knives together on the mechanical chuck with T-slot. The model AM features manual downfeed of the grinding wheel, and is designed principally for sharpening planer knives and is the simplest and most economical grinding machine.

The BM model features automatic downfeed of the grinding wheel, and can also sharpen other types of blades with the appropriate accessories:

  • planer Knives;
  • disposable planer knives (e.g. Tersa, etc);
  • hard metal (HM) inserts;
  • wood chipper knives,
  • granulator blades for plastic materials.

Both AM and BM models are available with grinding length of 650 mm and 850 mm.

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